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Ice Sculpting Clinics are Brisbane’s leading beauty clinics. We specialise in cryolipolysis and fat freezing treatments for men and women of all ages, backgrounds and body types.

Cryolipolysis is a non-surgical fat freezing treatment that targets the areas of the body which store stubborn fat. The cryolipolysis machine freezes and kills fat cells without harming the neighbouring skin, nerves, vessels, or muscles. Each treatment usually takes less than 30 minutes, and there’s no downtime.

Our 360° Cryolipolysis Technology is 160% more effective at removing stubborn fat than traditional Cryolipolysis Machines!

How Cryolipolysis works...

Using special cooling technology can make fat bulging a target Gradually the fat cells are eliminated over a two to four month period. The procedure reduces fat in a chosen, targeted part of the body, such as the love handles, back, stomach, or bottom. This method does not require surgery, there is no anaesthesia, no needles, no cuts, and it only targets fat cells without harming the skin or any other tissue. The results of Cryolipolysis are very much the same – just the same as natural fat reduction processes would result in. 

There is no need to have pain medication, and most people who have the treatment don’t need recovery time and the same day they can get back to work or to their usual exercising. Cryolipolysis is a restful, painless procedure for most people and as they don’t have to be put to sleep, they can utilise their time reading or working on their laptop, or just relaxing.

Diagram explaining how cryolipolysis treatment works